Il Sole

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Experience the Essence of Summer with YMZ's Il Sole Collection

As the sun shines brightly overhead, it's time to embrace the carefree spirit of summer and elevate your style with the stunning new collection from YMZ, Il Sole. Known for their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, YMZ presents a range of garments that exude elegance and comfort, perfect for those long summer days and balmy nights.

One standout piece from the collection is the Cargo Kaftan, crafted from high-quality poplin cotton fabric. This kaftan features a beautiful off-white shade that effortlessly complements any skin tone. The balloon sleeves and vest-like shoulders add a touch of sophistication, while the extravagant cargo pockets of all sizes provide a practical and stylish element. To add a touch of glamour, the shoulder border is adorned with rhinestone hand embroidery, creating a dazzling focal point. The kaftan is fastened with wrist buttons, adding a subtle touch of refinement.

For those seeking a vibrant and refreshing look, the Lecce Blu Kaftan is a must-have. Made from lightweight poplin cotton, this kaftan is perfect for summer days. The wrap design and waist tie fastening ensure a breezy fit that flatters all body types. The exquisite hand embroidery with precious miniature stones in shades of blue adds a luxurious touch. The timeless v-neckline and raffia inserts create a stunning texture contrast, making this kaftan a true statement piece.

If you're in search of a classic and versatile option, the Raggi Di Sole Kaftan in White is a timeless choice. Crafted with YMZ's signature La Riga pattern, this kaftan showcases a harmonious blend of poplin and raffia. The signature V neckline adds a touch of elegance, while the cargo pockets and maxi length complete the effortlessly chic look. Every detail is meticulously handmade with great care, ensuring a garment of exceptional quality and style.

For a touch of intrigue and allure, the La Rete Lecce Kaftan is the perfect choice, whether it's day or night. With its wrap design and waist tie fastening, it offers a comfortable and flattering fit for all body shapes. The raffia inserts create a stunning texture contrast, adding visual interest to the poplin cotton fabric. The hand-embroidered threads and miniature rhinestone design create a captivating net effect, elevating the kaftan to a true work of art.

If you're looking for a piece that embodies the essence of summer, the La Rete Raffia Kaftan is a must-have. Crafted from lightweight raffia, this kaftan exudes a flowing and ethereal feel. The wide long sleeves and neck tie fastening add a touch of elegance, while the hand-embroidered thread and miniature rhinestone detailing create a mesmerizing net effect. The border adorned with tulle adds a delicate and feminine touch, making this kaftan a stunning choice for any occasion.

In addition to the exquisite kaftans, YMZ's Il Sole collection also offers a range of stylish pants and shirts to complete your summer wardrobe. The Raffia Pants, crafted from lightweight raffia linen, feature a straight leg and an elastic waist for a comfortable and effortless fit. The Venezia Pants, made from a lightweight linen blend, boast an elastic waist and double layering of contrasting linen on the sides, adding a unique and contemporary twist to a classic silhouette. Meanwhile, the Catania Olive Pants offer a relaxed fit with their lightweight poplin cotton and elastic waist. With raffia borders and a side slit opening, these pants effortlessly transition between casual and formal looks.

To add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfits, YMZ presents the La Rete T-Shirt. Made from organic cotton, it ensures a comfortable and relaxed fit. The raffia round neckline and hand-embroidered thread detailing, coupled with the miniature rhinestone embellishments, create a captivating net effect embroidery, making this t-shirt a true style statement. Additionally, the Serpente T-Shirt boasts a slim fit and is made of 100% organic cotton. It features a hand-embroidered snake design, ensuring both comfort and a unique touch.

For a heartfelt expression of gratitude, the Grateful T-Shirt is the perfect choice. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric, it has a slim fit and showcases a hand-embroidered grateful hand sign. With its breathability and lightweight feel, this t-shirt provides comfort all day long, making it an ideal option for everyday wear.

As you explore YMZ's Il Sole collection, you'll discover a range of beautifully crafted garments that capture the essence of summer. From the stunning kaftans with their intricate hand embroidery and impeccable detailing to the stylish pants and shirts that effortlessly blend comfort and style, YMZ offers a diverse selection for every fashion enthusiast. Each piece is meticulously crafted with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that you feel confident and elegant as you bask in the warmth of the summer sun. Embrace the spirit of summer with YMZ and let your style shine with the Il Sole collection.